Video Marketing Tips For Building Trust and Humanizing Your Brand

Video Marketing By admin March 25, 2015 0 6133

Words can say a lot, but nothing connects people more than what is easily seen. In real life, seeing and hearing a person gives the type of link that simple words just cannot achieve. The same is true in business.

You can talk endlessly about your brand's services and reputation, but what does that really mean? If you want to prove your brand's potential, you have to be ready to show -- not just tell.

Having something tangible to show your audience is the cornerstone of building trust and humanizing your brand. The benefits of online video marketing are virtually limitless. Use these online video marketing tips and tricks to get started:

Use Storytelling To Humanize Your Brand

Video is a purely demonstrative tool. Use it to your advantage when it comes to marketing your brand. If you want to accurately inform your customers of your company's unique abilities, be ready to up your storytelling strategy. Through video marketing, you can add a realness to your brand.

Properly executed video marketing efforts can help humanize and give a face to your brand. Change your company's image from an emotionally-detached corporate brand to a company that cares.

Listen to Customer Feedback

Making an emotional connection is just as important in business as it is in your personal life. Think about it: when you want to get to know a person better, you ask them questions. The same should be done with your customers.

Interactive video marketing campaigns that ask for the opinions of your audience are an important step in building community and showing your customers you care.

It's one thing to say you are listening to your customers' feedback. It's another to prove it. When you ask for customer input, follow up with a response that takes those suggestions into consideration. If you run a contest, for example, use video marketing to gather entries and announce winners.

When you make a connection with people, they will be inspired to tell others about what you have done for them. Never underestimate the importance of the human connection.

Let Customers Tell Their Own Story

If your brand has truly made an impact on your customers, they will have something to say about it. Why tell your own story when your customers can help? Nothing speaks louder than the testimony of the individuals you've helped.

Videos featuring the testimony of satisfied customers can speak volumes about your brand's capabilities. 

The proper use of these video marketing tips and tricks can have a significant impact on making that unique human connection with your customers.

It's what keeps them coming back for more! Do you have any tips to share?