The Benefits of Video Marketing

Video Marketing By admin March 24, 2015 0 7825

With the rise of mobile computing, users are more glued to their devices than ever. However, there is now an increased amount of companies competing for their attention. With so much competition, what can you do to stand out?

It’s becoming clear that one of the best ways to attract and hold the attention of potential customers is through video. Here are a few reasons why video should be a major focus of your marketing strategy:

You can transmit information more quickly and make a greater emotional impact.

One of the greatest advantages of video over plain text is that it’s a multimedia experience. Beyond having text on the screen, you can use images to convey information more quickly and effectively than plain text can accomplish.

Voice-over can also be used to add additional information in the same amount of time, and your viewers will have the added benefit of hearing the tone and inflection of the narrator’s voice. Music can also be used effectively to set the mood for your audience.

These factors can combine to create an experience for your audience that’s far more engaging than an article or a simple image. When used effectively, you can obtain your viewer’s full attention while promoting your product.

There are many SEO benefits of online video marketing.

Video has numerous SEO benefits, most importantly its presence in search results. Google prominently displays YouTube videos in its search results, matching search terms to keywords used in video titles and descriptions. A video based on a specific article from your website could outrank the article itself because of the importance that Google places on videos.

Another SEO benefit of using video marketing comes from placing videos on your website. When determining the importance of a website, search engines take into account the amount of time users stay on each page.

An increased time on page often indicates that users are satisfied with the information that they’ve found. So, for instance, if you place an interesting one minute video on a page, it could increase the average amount of time that users spend on that page.

This would send search engines a signal that there is good content on the page that deserves to receive more traffic.

The popularity of video is increasing.

Each year, more and more time is being spent by internet users on consuming video. According to War Room Inc., YouTube alone has over 4 billion views per day, with 78% of people watching at least one YouTube video per week.

Not only is video becoming more popular, but these videos are becoming easier to share across social networks. Facebook and Twitter both allow videos to be embedded directly into posts, increasing video viewership and driving virality.

You can receive instant feedback about your advertising and your products.

One of the most popular features of video services like YouTube is the ability to leave comments about a video. After posting your video, you can easily see what your audience thought of both your advertisement and of the product itself.

While you shouldn't just blindly follow the advice of anonymous internet critics, they can offer great insight into how your product is being perceived by the public.


Video is an amazing tool for conveying ideas, and the benefits of video marketing for business are increasing every year. In 2015, video should be considered for all online marketing campaigns, because the benefits of video marketing for small businesses are vast.