The Benefits of Corporate Video Production

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Benefits of Corporate Video Production

Benefits of Video Content

When thinking of promotion, most individuals likely associate the term with TV commercials, radio spots, outdoor advertisements, and magazine articles (aka traditional forms of promotion), and rightfully so. For the last century or so, these types of promotion have dominated the marketing mix.

This is no longer the case, however. Due to the rise of computer technology in the late 1990s, which allowed for mass numbers of people to access the Internet, a new wave of promotion tactics came about, ranging from banner ads and social media posts to email marketing and blog content.

There’s perhaps no tactic more powerful than online video content though.

Video content offers a range of benefits, many of which have been discussed in our previous blog posts. These include the ability to be easily shared and measured, which is especially important in today’s online world.

One benefit of online video content, which we haven’t mentioned, is its ability to connect with consumers who don’t like to read blog posts or articles.

In fact, there are many people who have trouble reading blog posts or articles due to learning disabilities. By incorporating video content into your marketing mix, you open the door to a base of consumers who are visual or auditory learners.

You also open to the door to consumers who’d simply rather watch an entertaining video than read a boring article. (Viosk offers a range of entertaining and informative videos, by the way!

Types of Corporate Videos

So, what are some types of videos that brands and businesses should take advantage of? Well, for starters, all brands or businesses should have a brand video that highlights their brand mission.

This type of video content falls into the category known as corporate video production, which focuses on brand culture. Highlighting brand culture allows brands and businesses to speak to consumers or potential employees in ways that other promotional methods simply cannot.

Rather than just promoting a product a service, this type of video has the ability to give insight into a brand’s soul. It also has the ability to show people what makes a brand tick and why they’re in business.

Another type of corporate video all brands should create is a recruitment video. The main benefit of creating recruitment videos lies with their ability to showcase the personality of a brand or business.

This can be accomplished by having an employee describe a day at work, how their career has progressed, and what a great place the brand or business is to work.

Benefits of Using Viosk

While promotional video production offers a range of benefits for brands and businesses, it does come with a few downsides. The main downside is the often high cost of production, which can be a problem for small brands and businesses.

With the help of Viosk, these brands and businesses can overcome this challenge though.

Online promotional video production is not only cheap with Viosk, it’s also quick and easy, as we offer readymade templates, which can be easily edited.

So, start improving your promotional tactics today by taking advantage of corporate video production with the help of Viosk!