Pros and Cons of Stock Photos

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Pros and Cons of Stock Photos


Stock images are a staple for the majority of content pieces online. This includes blogs, banners, social media posts, ad campaigns, and more.

Marketing stock photos are extremely popular for their convenience, but there are negatives that come with every positive tool. Without further ado, let’s get into the pros and cons of stock images!


What are the pros of using stock photos?


  • Low-cost, or Free Although the high-quality stock images tend to come at a price, usually through site subscription, there are many free stock image sites on the net.  Keep in mind; a small subscription fee for a stock image site starkly outweighs hiring a professional designer or photographer to create images.


  • Huge selection of photos With thousands of websites and categories to choose from, the online stock photo selection is vast enough to find any type of picture, for any purpose. People, food, cars, landscapes, action shots, etc. No matter what the image you’re looking for is, there’s a site that can provide it.


  • Quick and Easy All stock images are readily available, so it’s just a matter of a click and a download to make it yours. There’s no need to hire creative designers, and no wait time. You just choose and use!


  • Quality Shots Stock photo websites have strict guidelines as to what type of photos they accept and offer. This means all photos will be of good or professional quality. On some websites, the price of the photo depends on its quality, so pay attention to the small print!


Now, let’s talk about the cons of using stock photos.


  • License Restrictions Ideally, stock photos would all have unlimited, license-free usage, but that’s not the case. Many websites enforce restrictions on how many times and where you can use the photos. Usually, you can expect high-quality photos to come with license restrictions.


  • Not Exclusive The site you get your photos from is available to every other marketer browsing the web. Competitors can use the same photos, which may take away from the originality of your brand. Buying or downloading stock photos online makes being unique in the industry a bit challenging.


  • Predictable If you take a moment to notice, stock photos often look a lot alike conceptually. Unless you go out of your way to make sure your photos have a different look and feel, you may blend in with your competitors.


  • Lack of Creativity Because you’re not directing a personal photo shoot, you have less creative wiggle room when choosing photos. You can have your pick from hundreds of predesigned stock photos, but nothing compares to a personal photographer taking the shots exactly how you want them. Slapping your logo on the stock photos is often times the most personalization you can get with stock.


When weighing the pros and cons of using stock images, it’s important to think about what’s right for YOUR brand. Are you on a budget? Are you tight on time?

Stock photos are an incredible convenience for some brands, while others might want that extra feel of personalization that comes with a photo shoot. No matter what resource you choose, make sure your photos represent your brand identity, and speak to your consumers effectively!


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