Mobile Video Viewing and Optimization

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mobile video viewing


Walking down the street, you’ll see a multitude of heads steadily facing downward. That’s the norm in today’s society.  Our heads are constantly steering downward, as if our feet had something to say. If it’s not our awesome new shoes, what are we focused on?

You guessed it: our phone screens. The screens that often mirror a reflection tend to be an accurate depiction of our likes, dislikes, interests, and hobbies. The screens of every mobile device have begun to define an individual.

As marketers, we should be striving to fit on those tiny screens in order to fit into the lives of potential consumers. It is imperative to perfect the mobile video experience so you can join the trend of mobile usage.


Here are some important things for marketers to consider in order to stay on top of the video marketing trend.


Avoid Tiny Text


Mobile devices are meant for personal use, so naturally the screens are small. Creating your marketing videos with small text, however, is a big mistake. Mobile videos need to have large, clear text in order to optimize viewership.  

Perfecting mobile video viewing means perfecting your design. Be sure to test the text size of your marketing videos on an actual mobile device.


Clear Audio


Mobile videos that include low-quality sound are in danger of losing viewership. The speakers of phones are just like their screens, extremely small. That means audio will automatically have a lower quality coming out of those tiny speakers.

If you are using a poor quality sound clip, it will have sound even worse on a mobile device. It’s important to test the audio on a mobile device to make sure it’s still appropriate to use and won’t jeopardize the quality of your video.


Include links in the Description


When your video references any other source or site, make sure to include the links in the description of the video. On a mobile device, it’s tricky to maneuver to another site while still remaining on your company’s video. It’s an extra step, and consumers don’t like taking an extra step.

This little obstacle could cause decreased traffic to your links. By putting them in the description, mobile users can easily click the link and be taken to your company’s website instantly. This will ultimately increase your viewership and drive massive amounts of traffic to platforms of your choice.


Close-up Shots


Making use of that small mobile screen is the best way to perfect the mobile video viewing experience. If the images in your video have a focal point, zoom in! Don’t waste background space that is useless to watchers. Showcase the important parts of the image, and watch how successful your video becomes!




While all of these tips will help your company create a better mobile video, optimizing your mobile viewership requires different efforts. To have complete mobile video optimization, you must first set your video to public. This allows your video to be shared by anyone and reach a multitude of people.

Then, make sure you are including keywords related to your video and company within the title and description of your video. This will help search engine bots pick up your video and get it higher in search rankings. Finally, analyze your video and its analytics to gain feedback on what could make your next video more effective.  


Video marketing is no easy feat, and adapting video to mobile devices proves to be even more challenging. The key to your mobile videos’ success is to test them on an actual mobile device. Adapting your video to a mobile screen is difficult, but these tips will help you make your marketing vids successful across all devices!


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