Best Video Techniques for Every Industry

Video Making By admin February 3, 2016 0 38407

Best video techniques


It goes without saying that paying attention is extremely important in marketing. Your industry and audience have niches and demographics that specifically need that attention.

Video marketing is on the rise as an effective way to grab attention and increase conversions, but finding the best video techniques for your marketing strategy can be difficult and time consuming. 

Just like your attention, your time is important, so we’ve come up with some generalized video marketing techniques that are useful for every industry! Stop wasting time and attention, and try these out!


1. Think Outside the Box


Companies that are utilizing the same video marketing techniques should start broadening their horizons. Consumers always want to see something different and exciting. Being different is what makes you memorable.

Routine marketing videos are seen as boring and something to click away from. Make your viewers want to watch your next marketing video by implementing new ways to showcase your company’s product and values.


2. Real World Marketing


Making a connection is key. If consumers are not finding your video relatable, they’re probably not remembering your company or wanting to find out more. Try using real customers as a ways to build a relationship with future clients.

Showcase your actual employees and team culture to give viewers an inside look into your brand. Humanize your business, and allow your viewers to imagine themselves as a customer.


3.  Take Products to the Extreme


Being dramatic has it perks! By advertising your products in an exaggerated way, they’ll stick out to viewers. This video technique is an attention grabber that really reels the audience in and most importantly, keeps them.

Take your products to the extreme for a memorable marketing video that will boost your viewership and conversions!


4. Make Videos User Friendly


Once you’ve completed your marketing video, perfect it by making sure its compatible with multiple devices. Mobile viewership is on the rise, which means your marketing video should look and sound the same on mobile devices as it does on a desktop. If a video isn’t clearly viewable on a smaller screen, mobile users could click away!


5. Pay Attention to Video Length


Every video should follow a guideline for video length. According to research by Visible Measures, 20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or less. This means you must make your video short and sweet for it to be the most effective.

Grab the attention of viewers, deliver your information, and end the video with a call to action. Always make sure that you’re only relaying one main idea. Trying to inform on multiple topics can make a video too long and confusing.


Video marketing is a growing strategy with a vast variety of techniques. The best video techniques are the ones that fit your company’s style. Time and energy are valuable in a world that is constantly buzzing. These generalized video marketing techniques will save your time while making an effective brand video for your company.


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