6 Foolproof Tips for Launching a Video Marketing Strategy

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6 foolproof tips for launching a video marketing strategy


Many experts predicted that video marketing would be a vital digital strategy in 2016, and that sentiment is proving to be true. Everybody loves video. Whether it be a millennial or baby boomer, if you give a person the option to watch a video rather than read some text, what do you think they’ll choose? What would you choose? Video is a convenient, engaging, and effective way to deliver a message to your target audience.  For marketers or brands that are inexperienced in the video realm, launching a video marketing strategy may be a bit intimidating. Fear not! We’ve made a list of six video marketing tips to consider before, during, and after executing a video marketing strategy.


How To Build Your Video Content Strategy


  • Identify the Story Behind the Video Marketing Strategy

Before you start worrying about the logistics of a video, you have to narrate the story you want to tell your viewers. Do you want to convey a message, describe a product, familiarize them with your brand, or all of the above? It’s a good idea to include a good mix of fun and educational videos, so that your viewers feel personally connected to your brand, but also get the information they need.


  • Allocate Resources

The first thing on a marketer’s mind will be figuring out the budget for this type of undertaking. Yes, video production can be pricy, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have some money to spend, hiring a videographer would be a good way to get a few videos done at a reasonable rate. If you’d rather not spend the extra dollars, grab an iPhone tripod and find someone who can edit footage. Viewers will care more about the subject matter than the professionalism of your video. You want it to be of good quality, but it doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. For an affordable way to create awesome animated videos, check out Viosk.


  • Make it Personal

The best way to build and maintain a consumer base is to establish a relationship with your viewers. People gravitate towards products and brands that they can connect with. Instead of pushing your product or service in the viewers face, tell them about yourself. How did you start your company? What is your company culture like? What is your mission statement? Another way to humanize your brand is to feature clients or customers who have worked with you, and have them offer a first-hand take on the credibility of your company.


  • Keep it Short

With the rise of social media, and continual access to information at our fingertips, the length of our attention spans is on a downward slide. One of the most popular video marketing tips is to keep your videos below the two-minute mark. It will raise the chances of your videos being watched all the way through. Research says that the shorter a video is, the more likely it is to be shared. Viewership and shareability are two main goals in a video marketing strategy, so try to keep them short and simple!


  • Make a Distribution Strategy

Be aware of all the platforms available to upload and share your videos. YouTube is popular because it performs well in Google Analytics, but make sure to consider all your options. The downside to YouTube is that it takes away the control you have over your viewers, as it may refer your viewers to other videos (even your competitors’.) You should upload to YouTube, but utilize other options like Facebook and your website as well. Facebook has upgraded its video capabilities, and having video on your webpage will surely lead to longer visits on the site, and even more conversions.


  • Analyze and Repeat

Just like anything else, the only way to know if your video content strategy is working is to analyze its performance. The number of views your videos get is important, but it’s not the only way to track performance. If you’re adding videos to your product page, compare revenue generated by those products before and after you added video. Adding tracking links where your video is hosted is another great way to see what viewers did after they watched your video. Reach, watch time, and active engagements are additional important analytics to consider when gauging the success of your videos. After you’ve gathered the data, you’ll be able to decide what part of your strategy to continue and what part to change.


Happy Video Marketing from Viosk!